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  • Seems pretty quiet round here

    Anyhow some of us have been asking where did those arrogant pusses FL go anyhow ? Seems right here and damned quiet to. Well we want you to take part regardless of the fact that you seems overly loyal to Relic. Which maybe misguided and in recent history unwarranted.

    I know you guys well not you in specific but people on the Relic Forums ahve been beating up Ironclad Games in favor of a turn based ( elements there of ) RTS called Sword of the Stars. Its ok, yet I do not think Ironclad and Sins of a Solar Empire have been given a fair shake. So if you would like to take part in the pre-beta clearing house Q&A session between members of the Homeworld Community and Ironclad then please sign up.

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Some thought you should be left out in the cold but many said no you should be included as you are a old Homeworld Clan. We would welcome you as long as your respectful and intelligent. Also see :

    Ironclad Games

    We hope to see you , if you all so choose.

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    Yeah, c'mon, get on over here and have a look. This one looks like a winner. ;)



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      the story line sounds like a complete rip from HW


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        Ahhh the relic mod speaks. Name one that didn't remotely sound like it which in turn was a total copy of the book of Exodus. Supporting another maybe ? Turn based ? Just trying to nudge you a little.


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          skibb isnt a relic mod, he's a cowboy. I think its cool that you're creating a community for this game, but I've gotta say.. I've looked at this game and I just can't get into the ship designs.

          Not for me, sorry


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            We would welcome you as long as your respectful and intelligent.
            but not before:

            arrogant pusses FL
            how about i write "fuck off and die" on my cock, and then gently set it on your forehead, would that be respectful enough for a hypocrit like you?

            soul, dismantle these scrotes plz.


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              my response sucked ass...

              stay tuned.
              Last edited by soul; 11-21-2005, 23:47.


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                umm Chronos, here's a tip, if you came here to ask us to join your community, being insulting off the get go isn't the way to go about it.

                ok here's another tip, if your were "trying" to be sarcastic remember that sarcasim doesn't type well.

                thanx for the invite but if the rest of the community acts like you then i'd have to say not interested.

                EDIT: LOL ok i just looked at the screenshots of this game.... i do hope they have the flying red skull like that shitty game of which the name escapes me. Here's a link for you folks who haven't has the chance to see them.
                Last edited by Phaeton; 11-23-2005, 02:50.
                "All men are created equal, it's just that some are more equal than others"


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                  ohhh those are ghastly


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                    If the game turns out to be any good, we'll hear about it through the regular grapevine.

                    Since you've amply demonstrated that your a tactless, ignorant b00b Chronos, only a fool would listen to your recommendations. I seriously think you should STFU in regards to promoting the game; you're a walking example of counter-production.


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                      Man you guys need to brush up on your flaming skills a little bit - A WEE BIT rusty eh? frst's cock writing was in the ballpark, but soul, meths & phae's efforts were pretty sub-par.

                      Bunch of has-beens, I tell you.


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                        wtf r u talkin about Mr. "I've looked at this game and I just can't get into the ship designs". You were even polite!

                        Go play with ur mac reki.


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                          Listen you pair of cultureless, roo-sucking old men, stop jerking each other off an concentrate on the retard at hand. Mr "I'm just a little like nuclear" Chronofaget.

                          If you want to have a pop at a relic mod, pop one at me motherfucker, because I am one. I've seen the threads on relic, looked at the game, looked at the screenies and to be blunt it looks mediocre at best. At worst, shabby.

                          Now piss off, and take your pathetic "omg FL are fagets but if you're nice i'll let you into my leet little community" attitude with you.

                          K thx.


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                            getting warmer


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                              I personally think that the best part of chronos dribbled down his mama's asscrack and wound up as a brown stain on the back seat of his daddy's pinto.

                              But thats me.

                              -Everyone has a photographic memory, some people just don't have any film..