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  • :( sutty sorry

    Well for those who it concern, I just wanted to apologise for what I did in eve, It was a mistake a I know that now, it could of damaged evol's reputation and relationships between other corps, I just wanted to explain why I did it,
    as you may know I like to shoot things, I was on my way back up from the stain region when I met stav in local, he offered me to come camp a gate with him as there was a profitable trade route there. I knew this was a bad idea and seemed fun for awhile as a group, when I told people what I had been doing they took it worse then I expected people to, and I was kicked out,
    I can see why people was mad at me but just wanted to let people know that Iam sorry for the damage caused and that Im working my sec status up slowly ;(

    Eve is not the same solo its borning drawn out and less fun then mining :/ its also not good when your been camped by m3g4 and there is nobody to help out :/ , Anyhow to my point I spoke to molle about comming back but he said give it time... but I miss been part of a corp and flying with you guys so I have come here asking to come back, I understand if the answer is no

    ps, i know this isn't the right forum but there is no other )

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    contact me on irc sutts.


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      <3 for sutts