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Homeworld 1999-2001

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  • frstkor13
    i replied to your pm, and i sitll have hw installed.

    we recently played a few games to honor an old friend who passed away.

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    Guest started a topic Homeworld 1999-2001

    Homeworld 1999-2001

    Hi FL & forummembers,

    It's been a long, very long time since I've spoken to anyone about Homeworld . Last week a friend of mine asked me what older games would be nice for him to play on his computer. Of course HW was my #1 advice

    Since then I wanted to play HW again and so I did. WON is still online and yes, each evening about 8-10 players are present in the good-old-blue-chatroom. I played a few games and ran into PreyOnU, also a 'first one' in the HW-universe. He told me that lately some older players have shown their faces and he hoped more would somehow do. He definatley wanted to see Molle

    Anyways, I suggested him that we should try one last time to bring back the old players to HW. I am speaking of HW only, and no Cataclysm or HW2. So basicly I went out to look for old armada's and information about them. I'm sure you all remember 414, AoK, BDU, CC, OMO, guru and of course your own FL and my Cloaking order.

    My question to you all out there is: are you willing to give it one more try? Willing to play HW once more, old-skool? Graphics are still acceptable, fun at it's best! What do you think of this idea PreyOnU and I have?

    I hope you let me know!!