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In Honor of MurphSLS

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  • In Honor of MurphSLS

    The 2 vs 2 Battle in the heavens is now up and ready for registration. we will honor murph and never forget him.

    the tourney is currently set for saturday december 3rd at 11:00 PM EST that is GMT -5 hours

    the time of day is subject to change based on the replies i get from those wanting to be there on what the best time is for the majority. i will be checking back in order to tally up the stats of what the best time will be to host it.

    the league site is at
    Homeworld Ladder
    IT is absolutly FREE to sign up and the joining sponsors of myleague is optional as well.
    in order to join the tourney and make a team u first need to make a ladder name. then u can go to tourney calander and find the tourney u will have to check to monthly and go to december to find it that way.

    here is the direct link to the tourney page
    In Murph's Honor GOD speed old mate

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    the new time for the tourney is going to be 8 PM EST time GMT -5

    hope to see u there.

    LagsyPSA out


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