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  • Hello

    Hello all. Been a while since i was here i think.

    I left the hw gaming last year and now i only play first person shooter games 'call of duty'.

    Been thinking a bit about starting to play eve online again hehehe.

    Just a couple of questions tho.

    Its been a long time since i played it, do you think my information still is stored in their computers ?

    How hard is it to start new in eve these days ?

    I talked to frst about this on msn a while agoo but i forgot =(

    By the way is it possible for me to change my name here on the forums since i havnt been in DAB since last year ????

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    Hi Croft. I have heard of a few ppl coming back to eve after the six month period and everything was still there like it was yesterday. Two things i can suggest is reactivating your account, I think it would either not be able to because it would be gone or you would be able to because it would still be in the database. Or you could just email CCP first. Either way. I'm sure you will get an answer.

    Starting new these days can be a bit faster because of implants. But you have to have some isk to purchase them. It would be like 40 million for a set of implants.

    I have no idea about your name with the DAB tag. How about creating another user name ? Guess you want everyone to know you have been around since Aug 2001.

    Hope I helped you a bit Croft. And if you come back to Eve. I will give ya some support and all that jazz.
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      yeah i reactivated my account. everything is still there accept that i left all my stuff to the old corporation.

      If you ever online email me. Im using the commander tom account =)


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        hi croft - name change done.


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          thanks sweety


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            Hi Crofty


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              geezus croft, sorry man, i won't be back in eve until early july. hope to chat with ya then.
              —› nick: (Molle) is now known as (Peggy)