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Could you have a worse birthday?

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  • Could you have a worse birthday?

    Monday the 26th i had my 34th bday...
    Well this is what happened: at 11 am i was at my doctors office and he told me i still have cancer 6 months after i thought i was cured so i need more surgery and more radiation and cellpotion
    Later on in the evening i am at a restaurant with a couple of my friends and my gf since 8 months tells me she can't handle the pressure of having a relationship so she dumps me....
    After that i am in a kind of downish mood so when a guy starts to talk shyte to me i more or less beat him up...
    Now i just got the word from my attourney and i will probably get 6 months for it so what do you say can you have a worse bday?
    PS i r getting in eve soon tell me where the fuck i can find you dolts so i atleast seee some friendly faces.
    Hugglez Lexy aka Micke or mike in your lingo ;)
    Opera: just what the world needs more screaming fat women...

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    You're kidding, right? ;/

    Happy Birthday I guess....


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      jesus fuck. i think you must be not serious?


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          I'm speechless.


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            im l8 but

            I LUV U ergh3y635678uijnh

            I r lub choaocolate tehat are in my baed divorce the two wife is hard on bed tonight I bill aol which is 45$ and is hard for me. Plx plx halp me sombady i r chocalte and have divorxe mary 2 peple dat giv mariy me and kthxbi.


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              i could have a worse birthday, but I'll pass on that attempt.

              Lex, hurry and join us, i have some great 'over heard' bar conversations to relate. one involving two women, one of whom was complaining that her husband works away from home through the week...........................................
              DECUS ET TUTAMEN


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                Well I can't really say happy birthday since it was obviously not one, but I do wish you a happy up coming 35th year. I also hope you get well soon and that the road ahead is as smooth as it can be. Take care lexy!
                Live life never asking "what if,..."


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                  god damn lex... sorry mate, i hope your luck turns around.


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                    I don't know what to say. I'll ditto soul in this one and wish you better luck


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                      well, i finally thought of something to say.

                      first off, I'm glad i'm not in your place.

                      however, when you're in hard times, always remember that you still got yourself. you're still alive, and as long as you are alive and don't ever give up the will to live, there's always a chance that you'll end up in a situation that makes you happy. just never give up your hope. you won't be in prison (or anywhere else for that matter) so long that you won't get out some day, and start to live your life the way you want it. don't let anyone drag you down, and don't ever let yourself down either. its easy to just fold up and let events take its place, but one day you'll realize thats complete bullshit. you should try seize every opportunity and live life to the most, no matter whether you're in a fatass villa, or in some prison.

                      just don't ever give up, or I'll fly over and kick your ass, ok? you're not someone who's going to let this whole crock of shit drag you down too much, right? don't ever forget there are many people that you matter to, even if you don't know em all that well.

                      sincerely, your friend