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  • IRC Setup Guide

    So you want to join IRC?

    This is going to be a basic guide, using a simple program to get you onto IRC and setup ready to use it. The program were going to be using is MIRC which is one of the most basic of clients. There are many other ‘prettier’ clients and add-ons to MIRC if you wish to do so.

    1) Download MIRC – There is a free version at, but it will be a trial and it will keep telling you to buy it.


    Just torrent it with a crack and your golden

    2) Install the client following the normal setup procedure

    3) Run the program

    4) Now to setup your Username. To do this click Tools > Options> Connect

    You will see a list of text boxes, the Full name and Email address options; just type something random, they are un-used. Now the Nickname field is where you type your user name E.g – Nickname: Ghost_Reaper Set the Alternative:To the same as your Nickname

    5) Next were going to setup our server, we use the stratics server. To do this again we go into Tools > Options > Connect > Servers > Add (its enclosed in the drop downlist of Connect)

    Description: Stratics Network

    Port: 6667

    The rest of the boxes can be left blank, using this address should connect to your closest server, however if you have latency issues please find your closest server here

    6) Once you have filled in these details click Add then it will appear in the list, double click it in the list. When you double-click the server, it will take you back to the Connect Page and you will see below were your Nickname is that it will show Server: StraticsNetwork.

    7) Now click Connect, which is just below were the Server is. It will auto connect you to the server

    8) Now we need to register with the server. Why do I need to do this? It means no-one can steal your username and pretend to be you! When you connected to the server it should have brought up a window that will be stratics. In the typing box (at the bottom) type this command: /msg nickserv REGISTER password email

    Obviously here you’re going to change password/email to your chosen password/emailaddress. No restrictions on password, keep it simple and not something you use for any sort of accounts email/eve/whatever

    9) Now that your registered with thes erver we are going to tick some boxes and setup a ‘Perform’ which basically is a set of commands that will auto run when you connect. To do this we go to Tools > Options> Connect > Options

    Make sure the Connect on startup, Reconnecton disconnection, Check for timed out connection are all ticked. Then click the Perform Box, tick the Enable perform on connect box and now we are going to setup the perform.

    Your perform commands should be as follows, changing were needs to your details:

    /msg nickserv identify Password

    /timer1 2 5 /join #eve-evo

    /timer2 1 5 /join #channel password

    The Password in the identify should be the same as you used to register. To obtain the correct Evolution channel and password, speak to your Recruiter or Daddy. If you have more channels to join in the future, simple add onto the bottom of the perform with the command /timer# 1 5/join #channel password changing the # to the timer number

    10) Now to make some more tick boxes are ticked. Go to Tools > Options> IRC leave anything in there that is ticked, ticked and make sure Rejoin channel when kicked, Rejoin channels on connect are both ticked. This is very important, you will see why soon enough.

    11) Next were going to setup some sounds to do this Tools > Options> sounds make sure enable sounds is ticked, then click on the drop down box below On event, play sound. You can setup this how ever you choose to, playing sounds for what you wish. However make sure the Notice has a sound, as this is used to get people’s attention for important reasons. To remove a sound simple select the event, e.g Connect, and then click on the box where it should say Beep, it will open a window to select a file, click cancel. And the field should change to No sound

    Optional Extras and tips:

    1) If you would like IRC to beep once, when someone says your Nickname then Tools > Address Book > Highlight (its along the top row) click Add then in the text box type $me then Match on: Message, Playsound: Beep, click ok. So whenever anyone says your name, it will beep and get your attention.

    2) When you are typing someone’s name, type the first few letters of the name and press tab this will auto-fill their name (provided there in the channel) E.g type gho then press Tab will auto-fill to ghost_reaper

    3) To private convo someone, you simple double click on their name and it will open a new channel between you. If you would like this to beep when someone sends you a PM, go to

    Tools > Options > sounds click drop down box and choose Query and make sure it has beep in the box below

    Some IRC commands you might find useful are:

    /msg nickserv help

    /msg chanserv help

    Both these commands will then bring up a list of information and commands to help with each function.

    Now u are all setup

    Any errors or issues please let me know so I can change